is a cafe
with amazingly
tasty breakfasts.

A wide selection of dishes will easily replace your home cooking: the menu contain flakes with milk, freshly brewed porridge and various types of coffee. Visitors will get masterpieces of culinary at the cozy cafe, and for those who are in hurry, the order will be packed in a container so they can have breakfast later. The combination of hearty food and a pleasant atmosphere makes Flakers the best place to start the day with good impressions.

Minimalistic images of the logo reflect the concept of the flakers cafe

The pattern of the sign consists of three accurately outlined figures that symbolically convey the ingredients of a delicious and healthy breakfast. Milk contains a lot of protein, necessary for the body, and it is the basis for preparing all the dishes of the cafe: tasty porridge is made only with fresh cow's milk, not a single portion of appetizing flakes is cooked without it. Becoming the central element of the logo, a bottle of milk connects other figures among themselves — a box in the background and a plate of cooked food. In the unity of forms the metaphor of the fast cooking of homemade food, which brings joy to the visitors of the cafe, is laid.

When choosing the color scheme, we decided to focus on the friendly atmosphere that prevails in the cafe. For many, the morning is a difficult challenge, which is easier to survive with smiles and an impulse of good mood from the staff of the cafe. Yellow colors on the logo convey the vivacity and thirst for life with which Flakers approach their work, and white traditionally symbolizes the purity of intentions and respect for each client.