is an ERP system
for working with
vehicle fleets

The new product fully automates business processes and makes the work efficient. The system increases the profit of the company, reducing its costs: now you do not need to pay specialists, it is enough to connect Mozen to your fleet. Technological tool will take over the work of the accountant, professional analyst and payment operator, and also with the help of pleasant bonuses will attract new drivers to the system.

Two differently directed arrows enliven the sign
of the company and give
it dynamics. Since ancient times this symbol has shown the direction of the path: having gone deep into the forest, our ancestors left arrows on trees,
so as not to get lost.

Grotesque technological font emphasizes the status of the company and gives seriousness
to perception of the logo.

We decided to use familiar images and make them the main element of the sign.

Central letter Z consists of two arrows, closed in a single system — the image of cyclicity, mutual benefit and constant work.