is an online service, where you can order photo printing products.

On the website you can order prints on canvas or acrylic glass, as well as exclusive products — duplex printing on plastic or clear acrylic glass, large panoramas, collages and more. The customer can choose one of the proposed design options or create a unique design, that Picazu will embody.

Since Picazu are innovators in their field, we decided to create for them a logo, that will convey the scale of the company's capabilities.

The sign draws rays of the star, that are making their way from behind a giant planet.

The sign emphasizes the title, more precisely, the unique font part of the logo, which conveys manufacturability and modernity of the company; it emphasizes the development path of Picazu.
The semicircle looks miniature and elegant, but due to the fact that the figure is not closed, associations with a large object appear — when you look at the logo, consciousness completes the figure to a huge circle.
Corporate identity
is also permeated
with a space theme.
We used the image
of camera lens glares, turned them into mysterious spheres — other planets,
floating in depths
of the universe.
Image of the company gives a bright impression and does not interfere with the photo content at the same time, but only focuses attention on it.