«Wise & Trust» brings together private depositors for investing in mining projects. In its plans, the company uses patented artificial intelligence technologies, unique hardware architecture and data center. Having the necessary competencies and excellent investment advisors, the company helps the target audience to competently manage assets.

use AI to offer investment products with digital assets.

On the «Wise & Trust» company logo we depicted artificial intelligence. Its form consists of an intertwining of two main letters of the company name "W" and "T".

We got the perfect figure – an equilateral triangle. A colored spot is an image of the information flow with which artificial intelligence communicates.

The logo looks like a shield, symbolizing that the client is protected by «Wise & Trust» and can be calm for the safety of its assets.

We took soft colors to convey calmness of the spirit, seriousness and nobility. Platinum color looks expensive and emphasizes the technology, the intelligence of the system, because gray color is associated with the human brain, which is called «gray matter».